Friday, September 11, 2009

I-Tunes 9 - aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh

2 hours to install I tunes 9 today. Completely messing my afternoon and completely throwing off everything I wanted to do.

The plan was a simple one - I'd already installed it on my I tunes setup on the laptop at work (well I had to do something whilst the SIMs upgrade was slowly clunking away on the server this morning) - and it was a flawless, simple and quick install.

I get home on tim for once - have the whole afternoon to myself, thinking I'll quickly do this, have lunch and start on writing. Install I Tunes, reboot the machine, start I Tunes. Ooops. Error:
Apple Application Support was not found.
Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.
Error 2
Well reinstalling didn't work (of course). Didn't work the second time either.
Google around. Stress levels rising. Find this:
1. Download and install WinRAR.
2. Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe icon and choose "Open with WinRAR".
3. Once the EXE is opened in WinRAR, double-click AppleApplicationSupport.msi and when the installer window is open choose "Repair".
And it sort of works. There was no Repair option so just a full install of AppleApplicationSupport had to do - and it worked. Then I had to repeat the process with the Quick Time app in the iTunesSetup.exe and the Mobile App as well to make Molly's iTouch sync properly.

But it was done. The question really is why it's happened? Do Apple really hate us Windows users that much that they think it's okay to stick us with really crappy installations?

But all is well. It did completely throw my entire night out. I'm so far behind what I'd planned to get done. Bah. back to it.

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