Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Comics Weekend...

Spent last weekend in Birmingham at the British International Comic Show - which, every single time I've typed it this year, I call the Birmingham International Comic Show and have to change it. It seems it will forever be in my mind as a local show, no matter how big it gets.

I've done full write ups over at the FPI blog, but wanted to mention it here as well. This year we'd heard that it was getting too expensive to exhibit, that folks were staying away, that it wasn't going to any good.

But it was. In fact it was genuinely the best yet. Not that you could tell that from Friday night's launch party. It was absolutely terrible, completely the wrong venue and no-one stayed for that long - everyone just found their way to various pubs around Birmingham. But once everyone surfaced, red-eyed and tired, on Saturday it became clear that the show itself was going to be good. Most importantly there were less stalls this year - meaning wider, more spacious aisles and a much cooler environment (and we know how important it is in a comics event to have a cool room - nothing beats that great smell of hot, sweaty comic fans).

Saw lots of folks on Saturday which was my work type day, chatting to people, taking photos. Sunday was more of the same with a few great panels thrown in. All in all, the whole thing, bar that god awful launch party, was a great success. Looking forward to next year.

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