Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello Comica......

If by any chance you're visiting this blog because of the kind mention on Paul Gravett's blog and the Comica site, I probably owe you an apology as you may be wondering where all the comic stuff is?

Well, when I started this back in 2006, I was doing a mix of personal stuff and comic stuff that I found interesting.

Then I started writing reviews over on the Forbidden Planet International blog and everything slowly changed. First I started writing the occasional piece on comics there, then I started cross posting things on comics I was writing for Fictions and eventually started writing there regularly on comics whenever I had something I wanted to say. This increased writing about comics meant this blog, which was always meant to be a general blog of me and my life, was getting choked with comic stuff and nothing else. Things came to a head recently when dear wife complained that she couldn't find any news about our daughter to show her workmates because of all the comic stuff cluttering up the place.

So much so that the amount of comic blogging going on here now amounts to no more than a notification of reviews done each week and a delayed cross post of the reviews in full, usually about 3-6 months after initial publication.

By all means have a look round, enjoy, read. But also stop off at the FPI blog for all the comic writing you could wish for.

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