Thursday, November 19, 2009

Molly - making me feel old, one day at a time....

I felt really old the other day. Not that "oh I remember this song, gosh was it really 20 years ago" type old, but real, proper old. Molly had just gone off to school - she walks there and back on her own every day now, called for by her friends - and i went to brush my teeth. Looked in the mirror and didn't really recognise the old face looking back at me.

Horrible thing this having children - evil little reminders of our own mortality that they are.

She's so very horribly grown up now. And it's all happened in the last few months. One moment it seemed she was daddy's little girl and the next, all grown up. The walking to school and back is the major change, but it's in everything she does - whether it's making her own drinks, chatting on the phone, or just not needing to be around us parents as much anymore. Not nice. Well, not nice in that way - the only positive side to seeing her grow up is seeing her grow up so wonderfully well.

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