Monday, March 15, 2010

Mother's Day - the aftermath

Okay, the presents were given, the cards passed over, and it was a good day. Molly came bounding in at the pre-arranged time, waking us both up and almost throwing the bundle of goodies over Louise in her excitement.

Stupid me, we forgot to get pictures. But Louise was in the usual Mother's Day happy place. There were chocolates, cream eggs, a magazine to put her feet up with, a beautiful card handmade by her darling daughter and a lovely glass keepsake Molly picked up (with daddy's money of course) in the week.

Then it was off to Scarborough for a blustery spring walk along the beach and up to the castle:

(Castle grounds and castle at the back of the green diamond)


(Beach huts)

There may be big bits of Scarborough where it's full on naff seaside town, all amusement arcades, shops full of tat and shellsuited locals. But there's an awful lot to enjoy there. And we did.

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