Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup - oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ... and a weekend roundup

Well, that didn't go very well did it? Utterly miserable performance. Dire. Dismal. The words just aren't enough to get over how bad a match it was. The highlight of the entire thing was watching the Match Of The Day pundits just amazed at how bad it was. Everything else was just awful.

Yes, obviously they should have some sort of technology involved for things like the Lampard goal. And the Argentina goal later in the night where Tevez was offside. The fact they accidentally managed to show the offside immediately after the goal on the big screens shows how easy it is. Except FIFA and Blatter just don't want to know. Ridiculous.

As has become the norm round here, the plans for the weekend were to have no plans. Except football, Dr Who, football on Saturday. And football, drop Molly off at badly timed laser quest party in the middle of a crucial England world cup match, pick her up and football later on Sunday.

And as usual, the lack of planning was proven correct. Friends called round Saturday and Sunday. The afternoon meetup with another set of friends turned into an impromptu sleepover and we ended up not needing to pick her up from Laser Quest as someone volunteered to bring her back. And she had a wonderful weekend. As she often does. but more and more, these wonderful weekends have less and less to do with us. I hate this getting old stuff and the necessary shift in parenting it entails. I love that she's so independent and so blessed with her lovely personality and a wide range of friends. But I'm not so keen on the back seat we're taking now...

So that's our weekend. We enjoyed it all. Except for the nadir of years of watching England. That we could have done without.

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