Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Molly's Early Birthday - pizza, cinema, potential bankruptcy

Every year we have the same problem regarding Molly's birthday. Coming as it does in the summer holiday it means that more often than not, her friends are away on holiday when she'd ideally like to have a party.

Some years we've waited till they're all back at school, other years we've just left it as family only. But this year, seeing as it was end of Year 6 and a major event, what better way than to actually have her friends birthday party on the day after they leave school.

We invited everyone in Year 6 and to be honest had our fingers crossed that some wouldn't be able to make it. Because Molly's plan was to have a pizza party followed by all of them going to the cinema to see Shrek 4. If everyone turned up it was going to be a VERY expensive idea.

We were in luck, just 6 of them in the end, so it was off to Pane e Vino, our lovely, favourite Italian restaurant in Pocklington (and the only Italian restaurant in Pocklington) and then the movie. We've taken her to Pane e Vino with friends before but then we had a table off to one side. This year we took the big and brave step to just book a table for them.

Not brave that anything would go wrong, that's stupid paranoid, Daily Mail type thinking. No, we were more concerned that they'd be just a little bit too loud for the rest of the diners. However, we were assured by the staff when we picked up and paid that all had been well. Which hopefully means the black looks I got off one woman at the table next door was purely of the stupid "How could you leave the children here alone!" type.

Then off to Shrek and by the end of the night, a magnificent early Birthday for Molly.

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