Saturday, July 24, 2010

School's Out - Oh, yes, there were tears....

Today was Molly's final day of Primary School. Louise and I already knew the sort of emotional day we were due, having already had a phone call from school yesterday telling us Molly would be home a little late because she was really upset saying goodbye to one of the little ones who was off on holiday and wouldn't make the last day.

So off we toddled to the leaver's assembly at Molly's school. And it was a wonderful assembly - with a lot of non-dry eyes all round. They had speeches, they had some gorgeous photos of Year 6 through the years, they had presents and all of us parents were ever so proud of our gorgeous children.

Molly actually kept it together quite well during the assembly, but later on when we went to pick her up she was red eyed and just couldn't stop bursting into tears everytime she saw someone else in school that she was going to miss. The thing with Molly's school is that there's only four classes and all of the older children look after the younger ones, something Molly is really going to miss. So she spent 20 minutes after school hugging the little ones and crying, and crying, and crying some more.

We did manage to fulfill one ambition that Molly had though - she's always wanted a picture of Mikey (#1 cuddly toy and has been for a long time) with her teacher, and here it is.....

All in all, a wonderful day, incredibly emotional, full of happy memories - exactly as it should be. next up, 6 weeks of holiday for both of us and then onto the adventure that is secondary school.

Luckily, both Louise and I know that Molly's such a wonderful, gorgeous, grounded and lovely child that she's going to have a great time there.

But today was very special, and none of us can believe that it was only 6 years ago we were tentatively walking Molly into her first day at St Chads in Birmingham, a tiny, quiet thing in a uniform that was equally unbearably cute and just a little too big. She left today wearing a shirt covered in graffiti and very red eyes, much bigger, much older but still my gorgeous little girl. Then again, she's always our gorgeous little girl and always will be.

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