Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bruton Family Summer Holiday 2010 - Adventures in Wales and Dublin - PART 1

A week ago now we got back from our lovely summer hols!

The plan: Have a most enjoyable week in Anglesey thanks to the ever generous hospitality of Molly's favourite auntie and uncle with an extra overnighter in Dublin. In actuality, a great most of week that ended with me going down with some nasty cold thing. But all in all, a very nice holiday, thank you very much.

We had originally just planned to do a day trip to Dublin, but then someone (me) pointed out that since I'd have to drive to Holyhead and then drive back to the holiday house, it would mean I wouldn't feel that good about having a pint or two of Guiness. And yes, I realise it's a terrible cliche, going to Dublin and then banging on about how Guiness in Ireland tastes so much better than in the UK, but I'm warning you now - I'm going to.

So we found what looked like a rather nice hotel (cheap too) in the centre of Dublin, booked the ferry and off we went.

Saturday we got to Anglesey and settled in. The first surprise was waiting for Molly as we pulled up - Uncle David had delayed leaving so he could see her (it's been far too long since we went down to Birmingham to see them all, and Uncle David's 50th party was inconveniently placed the weekend before Molly's SATs exams started). Delight turned to amazement turned to hysteria when she realised that the Jag in the driveway was Uncle Davids and that he was going to take her for a spin in it. It's Uncle David's mid-life crisis car - I'm sure he wont mind me saying that - but it's a beautiful car and he made Molly's day with the spin down to the beach and back. That's why he's favourite uncle.

Sunday was Molly's choice so we upped and offed to The Welsh Mountain Zoo, famous in Bruton family legend for the time we took Molly's Grandad there in his wheelchair. The mountain part of the name should tell you about some of the slopes you have to walk up and down - even funnier when Louise wheeled him down the hill and was genuinely concerned they were going to lose control. or the image of Louise pushing him up the hill with Molly in front, pulling him up by holding onto his walking stick.

Anyway, the zoo itself is a lovely place:

Monday it was my choice (sort of - my real first choice was Portmeirion to relive my love of the Prisoner, but I was outvoted).

So off we go to Beaumaris and a trip out in a boat to Puffin Island. Or at least Molly and I went off in a boat. Louise doesn't do boats all that well. The ferry was going to be okay, but the last time we got her on a small boat was on a half hour trip round the bay in Whitby. Molly and I had a great time up top but Louise spent the time under decks sitting down with a glass of wine to calm her nerves. (She would have had a second but couldn't muster the courage to get up and walk the 15 feet to the bar. Bless her.) Another much loved holiday memory.

Just like the one Louise and Molly remind me of whenever we're in Beaumaris - one year we were sat down quite happily having an ice cream when a lovely seagull managed to crap with magnificent accuracy right down my sleeve as I went to lick the ice cream. Every time, every single time we pass the spot in Beaumaris, Louise and Molly can't help but collapse in fits of giggles as they remember it.

(Image of Puffin from UK Coastline - this was what one of the ones we saw looked like!)

(A Puffin - we got nowhere near this close! Image from Puffinpalooza)

Puffin Island - sadly, following an infestation of rats years back, there aren't actually all that many Puffins there, but we did see 2 on the way round the island. Plus at least 7 seals and 2 Harbour Porpoises (Molly was keeping count). Brilliant trip, choppy, splashy and lots of fun.

(Puffin Island in the distance)

(A little closer. According to Molly this was a picture of one of the seals. No, I can't see it either)

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