Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I should have been doing today....

But instead I spent all morning and most of the afternoon doing homework with Molly. Well, I say doing homework, more like calming her down when it all gets too much. Even with trying to keep on top of it all this week she still had 4 pieces to do/finish. The art was the real difficult one, so much frustration - she really, really wants to do it well, but so far hasn't made that step up from childish drawing to the sort of drawing the teacher will expect.

Eventually, after 2-3 hours of off and on trying to get it right, she was 80% finished when we decided that enough was enough and she needed a break. But after lunch we started her RE; photos of all the churches in Pocklington and a little research to describe them. That took ages as well. I wouldn't mind if she was thick - but Molly's bloody bright and yet it still gives her so much grief getting it all done - so much of it coming at her all at once, she's overwhelmed right now.

And tomorrow - it's History. Aaaaarrrrgh.

So no, I didn't get along to the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair, we were finished with homework today around 3, and by the time I'd have travelled across by bus and train it would have been too late. Likewise car, petrol and parking would have been a right pain.

Oh well, maybe next time eh?

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