Sunday, November 21, 2010

This last weekend - Thought Bubble

(Molly sketch by Adam Cadwell)

I'm writing about this for the FPI blog anyway, and I'll cover more of the comic side of things over there. But this last Saturday Molly and I headed to Leeds for Thought Bubble, the annual comic convention.

We went two years ago and she had a great time. But this year it was even better. Because Molly realised how much of a name she is in the world of UK comics - she was so thrilled that so many people there knew who she was, so many people talked to her, knew about the things she'd said about comics on the FPI blog, appreciated what she'd written.

It was wonderful seeing her having such a great time, collecting sketches and meeting people. She had a really lovely time. Special mention has to go to Sarah McIntyre:

Molly had been wanting to meet her for many years and she wasn't disappointed - photos, sketches and drawings and best of all - Sarah was determined to introduce Molly to everyone who stopped by whilst she was there. Sarah's one of the nicest people in comics, and an absolute natural with children.

Various sketches were gotten by Molly including that brilliant little mini Molly that opened this post by Adam Cadwell.

(Sarah McIntyre - of course)

(Gary Northfield)

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  1. Hi Richard. Sorry I never grabbed you to say hello and thank you in person for your support of all things DFC. I managed to say a brief hello to Molly though. Another time, I hope.