Saturday, December 11, 2010

Even Voldemort Wouldn't Approve - Student Protests.

On the student protests this week - from Tom Humberstone:

"In an attempt to follow up on my vague notions of documenting the student protests using the work of Denys Wortman as inspiration – here’s a quick drawing I did based on some reference provided by Dan Hancox. Thanks to Dan for allowing me to use it."

And whilst we are talking about the student protests.... here's Warren Ellis on the journalism of Laurie Penny - right in the middle of it all on Friday night::

"She’s actually covering these events two or three times over, and the first time is realtime, on Twitter, from right in the middle of it all. Down to broadcasting, in certain instances, individual police ID numbers. As deep in the story/stories as you can get. She’s silent right now: I’m presuming her phone ran out of charge, as predicted, and hoping she’s not still in the kettle, which, others on Twitter are reporting, is still active at 1230am. There are children in there. This is how we treat our children when they question us, now: by cowing them, in the dark and the cold."

And don't tell me that the parents are at fault for allowing their children to protest - what other course of action do these future indentured workers, owing at least £18,000 to the state before they even think about having a roof over their heads or food to eat at university have?

Education is something we used to believe was worth investing in. Education used to be something we were rightly proud of. Now we penalise our children for wanting to learn, now we punish them and send them spiralling into terrible debt for their adult lives.

And when they complain, when they protest - we coral them, "kettle" them, unlawfully imprison them and the official line appears to be one of - if they don't like it, why did they come out on the streets.

Welcome to the UK Dec 2010. Merry Fucking Christmas.

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