Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well that was a quick two months.....

Nearly the end of February. And, as usual, blog activity here at Bruton mansions has been pretty much zero. There are many and varied reasons for this;

Work's been very, very busy - the school has a new library and somehow I've managed to fall into the role of librarian. It fills a load of time, but it's a great way of filling my time - planning, organising, shelving, the works. And the payoff has been great - a stream of children eager, desperate even, to start using the library.

The comic writing has taken up a lot of time as well. The review pile has been beaten down to single figures and hopefully, by the start of March it's going to be reduced to the magic zero.

And then there's Molly. Wonderful, marvelous, lovely Molly. Who's now completely settled into secondary school and having a great time. But I'm increasingly aware that she's not going to want me talking about her on here in great detail.

And then there's the innui. Instead of being the first thing I think of, this blog's become one of the last. Other things, at least for the time being, have taken precedence. Of course, within a month I could be back and blogging every day, and, as usual, just the act of this post has made me think I should really try just that little bit harder. Who knows.

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