Sunday, December 04, 2011

Giving up.....

Oh well, best intentions and all that....

I had planned to keep going with Fictions the blog, had planned to do more posts, had planned.... well, lots of things.

But most of my writing these days goes into the Forbidden Planet International Blog. Not that I mind at all, but it's slightly sad to think there's no place and no time to update this.

Another problem of course is the sheer lack of material. It's more and more difficult to navigate my way through my life and talk about it without talking about Molly too much, and that's something I don't imagine she'd be too pleased with as she gets older.

Who knows, in a little while I might make the grand comeback. But for now. Nothing. Sorry


  1. Hi Richard, this is a shame, but so long as you're writing is still appearing somewhere then it's not that big a deal. One last post on your favourite comics this year?

  2. That, as with everything else these days gets posted at the FPI Blog!