Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogging again - maybe not....

As is the way of this blog, it's become more of a guilty pleasure to write here. It became a bit of a chore a while back, and things came to a halt. There was simply too much to do, work, home, wife, child, sleep, writing about comics ...... suddenly the writing here came a distant last, something that kept falling off the to-do list.

But now, hopefully, we're at a different place, and writing here has developed. There's no pressure anymore for me to be writing here, so it becomes simply something to do when I feel like it, in fact it's become the diary I never kept as a child, a way of recording everything for posterity. (Yes, yes, it's all backed up - I know Google can yank all of it as quickly as I can click back up everyting).

So no, don't be expecting anything regular. I may drop it for months aat a tiem, before splurging like this. Or I may fall into something really a touch more diary based, recording stuff - although to be honest I have no idea who actually reads this now. Used to be a place for friends, and comic folks to come and read, but all of the comic stuff is now subsumed into the FPI Blog, and there's less to write about personally here. Because whilst 6 year old Molly was a dream to write about, the current 13-year old iteration is a little more self-conscious and would object loud and long if I started writing about the everyday goings on in Bruton Mansions once more.

So this is it, a temporary return to a few blog posts, a promise, or maybe a hope, of fairly regular updates after this.

Although lets be honest about it, I've said this all before, and it's not quite worked out right. We'll see how it goes eh?

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