Sunday, May 28, 2006

Having a bit of a Duran Duran moment.......

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I'm having a little bit of a Duran Duran weekend. I tend to do this every so often, where I'll get something in my head and it won't go away until I've played it and played it.
This time it was Skin Trade by Duran Duran.

My love affair with one of the most despised of 80s bands started with an ex-girlfriend.
I'd always known their music, growing up in the early 80s it was pretty unavoidable. But they were just too popular for me to like.
However, this ex played their 1986 album Notorious to me and I loved it. Of course, me loving the album wasn't a good thing for the band because their popularity and sales took a nose dive after this and they were suddenly considered old and rather naff. (Interestingly a similar thing happened with A-Ha as well - I start liking them after their second album and their popularity never recovered either.)

But I prevailed, loving every Duran Duran album* after that. But Notorious remains a favourite and Skin Trade still ranks as one of my favourite tunes.

And this weekend I've been having a bit of a Duran-a-thon. Sad but true.

*Not quite true - don't like the new one "Astronaut" with the original line-up. Seems like a backward step to me.

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