Sunday, May 28, 2006

New book decisions......

Having just finished Moondust (see post) I'm left with the fun of the new book choice.

To explain: I'm a voracious reader. There's always at least one book on the go, plus magazines, plus comics & graphic novels to read and review for Nostalgia & Comics and this here weblog.

But I'm also a sucker for bookshops. Now, even at the pace I started the year off with a book a week on average, that's only a maximum of 52 books in a year. But I always ask for books for birthday & Christmas and will always look out for new books I'm interested in at Borders or Waterstones and then there's the lure of the charity shops and second hand shops particularly on holidays.
All this means I usually have more books on the shelf unread than I can actually read in six months. Currently there are 29 books sitting there, daring me to read them.

But which one to choose?
decisions, decisions......

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