Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hi-5 @ the Alexandra Theatre Birmingham.

Molly loves Hi-5. They're an Australian group with their own TV show on early mornings on channel 5.
Think Steps meets Sesame Street!
Every year for the past few years we've gone to see their show and have never been less than impressed by the energy, happiness and enthusiasm they put into their shows.
One thing that always amuses us as we sit there watching the show is how miserable the parents are. Their children are loving it, jumping up and down, singing along and having the time of their lives and mom and dad are just sat, slumped and bored in their seats (which they've paid a good £20 for). We, on the other hand, are joining in with all the songs, doing all the actions and desperately waving at the stage to get the gang to wave back at us.

This year was extra special as we took the time after the show to do the thing I've never, ever done for any band I've been to see - we stood and waited by the stage door.
After 20 minutes of mounting excitement and with desperate children all around all five members appeared and then spent another hour dutifully signing, posing, hugging and smiling away with every child and/or parent that wanted their time. Molly got all their autographs and had photos with all five. It's something I doubt she'll ever forget!

First the boys:
The good looking blonde on the left is Tim - who Louise says has the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she's ever seen!
Then looking very cool as always is every mom's favourite - Nathan

Now the girls: l-r:
Sun, who replaced Kathleen (on maternity leave) and did a great job.
Kellie, very nice but engaged to Nathan. Sorry Dads! & Finally Charlie; Molly's favourite.
And quite stunningly gorgeous in real life. The kind of Keira Knightly gorgeous that sort of takes your breathe away. Seriously.

A wonderful day. Thanks to Hi-5.

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