Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not a snow day but it will do.......

It's the unexpected days off that are always the best.
Remember the excitement of the snow day or when the boiler broke down at school?
Well, yesterday at Molly's school the electrics in the infants failed just before we got there and the school had to be closed for the day.
Everyone very very excited.
Except the other parents desperately trying to sort out childcare so they could go into work.
It's at these times and holiday times that I'm grateful to work in a school as a techie. Sure, the pay sucks and the kids in Smiths Wood are not the nicest but it's great to be able to text workmates and tell them you can't make it in because there's no-one to look after Molly and even better to be able to do it without guilt and knowing your pay isn't getting docked!
For the record we had a fab day, got haircuts, played in town, bought a new camera and ended up visiting a sick Grandma.
Kind of makes up for not having had a snow day for the past 2 years!

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