Friday, May 05, 2006

OCD ahoy! The joys of technology

Gosh, May already.
where did the time go etc etc?

where have I been?

Well, apart from all the usual time leaching things in my life (work, sleep, stuff like that) the one bizarre, sad, OCD like activity I've been engaged in over the last few days has been the ongoing i-tunes picture search.

Having acquired a couple of mini i-pods from Louise's nieces, (thank you Rachel & Helen), I proceeded to put every bit of music in the house onto i-tunes.
17.2 Gb, 4520 songs later and the digital transfer is complete.
Or so I thought.
Of course, at some point in the coming months I intend to get a nice shiny new i-pod and want to have the album artwork displaying when tracks are playing.
So now I have another mammoth task of finding the artwork for every album and single I own and importing them into i-tunes.
Currently at M, over halfway!

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