Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paul Gravett & Escape magazine

Found an article about ESCAPE magazine on Paul Gravett's wonderful website (

Waves of nostalgia just washing all over me now. Escape was a ground-breaking magazine publishing at just about the time I started work as a 16 year old naif hired on to sort out the basement at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham.
(the joke is of course that here I am, nearly 20 years later and I still haven't finished it!)

But I digress - Escape Magazine. Wonderful. High production values, great comics. Think the Face but with Eddie Campbell, Glenn Dakin and many many more.
I can remember having to sort out loads of these issues down in the basement. The cover with Tweety is particularly resonant.
Together with issues of Psst magazine, Epic Illustrated, Heavy Metal and hundreds upon hundreds of the Alan Moore Maxwell the Magic Cat - If only I'd bought a job lot of those - they go for loads on ebay now!

Great days indeed. Of course, we still need a modern Escape magazine, somewhere comics are published just like they are in Europe. But sadly I'm beginning to feel Escape was just a particularly glorious one-off.

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