Monday, May 29, 2006

Photographing Peacocks at the Botanical Gardens?

We were at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham at the weekend.
The Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place. But not, I think, for the reasons the board of directors think it is. Sure, some people come for the plants and a nice walk. But the majority of people come to bring their children to run around and play on the nice playground.
The advantage of the Gardens over the local park is that it's an exclusive place. Because you have to pay to get in (very reasonable annual memberships available!) what we've found is that the place is full of a nicer class of people. (How terrible does that sound? But I'm only saying what everyone thinks) No graffiti, no spitting, no swearing, no loutish behaviour, no ball games, no scooters, no skateboards. It's very safe and very relaxed. But I don't think the creators of the Botanical Gardens would be very happy knowing it had turned into an exclusive children's playground.

Anyway, the point of this post.
One thing I did see yesterday that really amazes me was one woman doing the same stupid thing I see at zoos and animal parks all over the country.
I'm walking down to the playground when I stop in my tracks.
Two women in front of me.
One points and the other takes a photo.
Of a Peacock.

Why do you insist on taking a picture of something as mundane as a Peacock. Yes, I know they're lovely and very pretty, but this sort of thing happens all over. People will take pictures of all sorts of animals. But I can never work out why.
Are you that stupid that you need a constant reminder of what a Peacock looks like, or a dog, or a tiger? or a snake?

Or is it just me?

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  1. What you've said is right on. It doesn't matter where in the world you are. If there's a peacock, we are taking pictures of it. My wife and I were in Playa del Carmen, Mexico last year. We have 43 pictures of peacocks that were running the resort grounds. Why? it was a waste of film. This was before our switch to digital. Anyway its the same the world over.

    You must have had one of those major introspective quiet weekends with Duran Duran. ITUNE's Shuffle command works well for this type of retrospective glimpse back into the past.