Monday, May 29, 2006

Messing about with the weblog.... again.

Spent a few very late night hours tinkering last night with the posts and the sidebar.

Have managed to categorise all the blog entries (except for posts in the first month, which just refuse to play along). Just click on the category and you should go to a page with the relevant posts.

Have also decided to put loads more links on the sidebar to all the reviews; comics, graphic novels, books and films I'm doing.
And have put a list of weblogs I'm currently reading.
Have also put a section in there to some of my favourite posts from my blog (and why not - it's my blog and I like it!)

There's an addictiveness about all this tinkering. Just as I think I've settled on a good look combining functionality, readability and content I get some stupid idea for something else to add in! I wonder whatever next?

One side effect of the late night tinkering is that I collapsed into bed at 3am this morning and never got around to choosing a new book, so more decisions later tonight!

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