Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Radio 4, god bless it.

Radio 4 is fab.
Every week I sit down with the Radio Times, bemoaning at the lack of decent things to watch (so far this week it's been Dr Who & tonight's Champion's League final) and then turn to the radio listings and make mental notes to listen to loads of the interesting stuff I see listed.
Now as many of you know, a mental note to me is about as effective as getting a cat to take a telegram to Iceland.
So I never get around to listening to Radio 4. But tonight, after the Champion's League match I flicked open the Radio Times and made a note - a real one- to listen to a music quiz on at 11pm. And I did, and it was great.

Tomorrow it's Mitch Benn's "Everything sounds like Coldplay now" at 11.

What I really need of course is a web based thingy that I can set up to highlight good radio coming up. There is a Radio Times one, but it involves too much fiddling and frankly, looks a complete mess. So, anyone know a good online listings thing?

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