Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Busy day & Molly's SATs

Busy day today.
Molly's first day of SATs. Which, considering she's only 6 is quite possibly one of the stupidest ideas I can think of. Why exactly do we need to do formal exams on 6 year olds? Trust the teacher's to know their classes and let them assess the kids.
Luckily, she took it all in her stride and actually seemed to quite enjoy it.

Then off to school for another day of stock taking. Joy. From now until the end of July it's counting, counting and counting. Or making it up, guessing and downright lying, depending on who's doing the stock take.

Home after picking Molly up from guitar class and then a night of tinkering with this bloody thing and posting stuff. On the one hand this weblog is a great thing, because it makes me write and more importantly, makes me record things rather than trying to rely on an increasingly failing memory! On the other hand, I really don't need another obsession.

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