Sunday, May 14, 2006

This Year's Christmas Gig

This year's annual Christmas gig, open to one and all is....

+ Damien Dempsey
@ The Academy
Thursday December 7th

Tickets £15 from box office, £15 + bloody extortionate booking fee from ticket web.

For the last few years, myself and my friends, being of advancing years, have found ourselves:
1. Going to fewer gigs.
2. Meeting up less and less.
So the ideal solution has become the annual Christmas gig.

So far we've had:
2004: The Human League
2005: The Levellers + Seth Lakeman
Both were fabulous, although the Levellers win the day purely for their exuberance and the great support from Seth Lakeman.
Hopefully the Wonder Stuff will be a great gig, although I can see a very sad pattern of retro bands happening here. What next? Jesus Jones? EMF? Neds? PWEI? Soup Dragons? (actually, none of those would be too bad. Except the Soup Dragons. Saw them when they had their one hit "I'm Free". They were god-awful.)

But I digress.
The Wonder Stuff. Come along. We will have fun.

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