Sunday, June 11, 2006

Advisory Ratings for the terminally stupid.

It really is getting a little out of hand. I started noticing those advisory labels on films a while ago, the sort of things that pop up along the bottom of the screen telling you that this film contains "extreme violence and scenes of a sexual nature".

And it was alright to do that, although it did seem a little over-protective. After all, isn't this what we have the age ratings system for? I know what to expect from an 18 & a U certificate film. I have a brain.

But I've just seen the latest trailer for "Over The Hedge" It's the new animated film from Dreamworks that looks really great.
Apparently it "contains mild slapstick".
What? Why is it necessary to know this. It's obvious from the bloody trailer that it contains slapstick. It's an animated comedy for God's sake.

How much further will we go before we're not actually allowed to do anything before someone advises us on the potential dangers and demands that we fill out a 5 page release form for leaving the house in a morning.
Bloody Safety Nazis.

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