Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup 2006 England 1 - Paraguay 0

Well that was hard work wasn't it?

After a really great first 35 minutes where it all seemed to go right, it was back to standard England misery for us watching them. Too much dropping back, not enough picking people up and pushing the play, standard stuff.
It all got so much worse once Owen came off and once Cole was taken off it looked merely a matter of time before Paraguay would equalize.

At least it's 3 points, surely the Trinidad & Tobago match will get us another 3, which will guarantee qualification . (Or, having just watched the T&T v Sweden game, maybe it will be a lot harder than I at first thought.)

The one real amazing thing throughout the match was the Referee.
He was bloody awful.
He seemed to take offence against Peter Crouch merely on the basis of him being too tall.
The finest awful decision of the night was against Joe Cole. He went up for a header, got sandwiched nastily between two Paraguay players and still, miraculously, managed to win the ball. The only reason I can think of that the decision went against him was that the referee decided he'd embarrassed the Paraguay players and that wasn't nice.

Okay, off to catch Argentina lose against the Ivory Coast (hopeful, I know after all).

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