Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to school part 2.....

What an awful day.
Started it by getting really pissed off at how crap the council are being at the moment in their failure to remove some of the rubbish on our street.
Then Molly and I leave the house and some bastard has put part of his front room on the pavement. If I knew who it was and feeling the way I do at the moment I'd quite happily put it back into their front room without opening the window.

Get to Molly's school and everything is fine there, which turned out to be the high point of the day sadly.

Got to work \ school and was immediately dropped into the good ideas club. Why do those Year 11s have to leave. Or more importantly, haven't the teachers got anything better to do than annoy me?

One of the other technicians was upset as well this morning which has put a huge cloud over our little technician-ing department here. Lovely.

Couldn't wait to leave today, went to pick Molly up from choir as usual, then had to pop to the post office before heading home.

Lovely surprise to greet me, one of our couple of gobshite kids on the road who've been using the car park as a football pitch lately have also started using the car park signs as their own personal graffiti area. Little bastards.

So, all in all, a truly horrible day.

All three of us ended up in the road tonight, Molly scootering up to her friend Ciara's house on the other side of the road while Louise and I tried to take care of some cleaning on the road. Removed the grafitti, swept and cut back bits of the road and the estate. An hour plus of hard work but it made us feel better. Chilled now.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a lot better, swimming with Molly after school and then the local Resident's Association open meeting where our nice Councillors Lal and Spence are going to have to listen to my numerous complaints against the Council's Refuse Service. (That's Refuse as in rubbish, although it could quite easily be as in Deliberately not do something as well).

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