Monday, June 05, 2006

Back to School.....

I know it's going to get very little sympathy from anyone reading this who actually has a real job, but one of the worst things about working in a school is the horrible feeling on the last day of a holiday.
Just as you're getting used to not going into work, the holiday ends and it's straight back to it.
Of course, this is just after the half term, after the long 6 week summer holidays it's particularly unbearable.

Today was the first day of the long final half term. It's always a hard term filled with essential lab checks, servicing equipment, cleaning, doing stock take and ordering next year's equipment and chemicals.
But the main reason it's a hard term is because the Year 11s have left.
This means that the staff have free time to come up with their latest bright ideas.

These bright ideas always have two things in common.
They Don't Work
They involve more work for me.

& they started today.

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