Friday, June 30, 2006

Better, thanks for asking....

Feeling much better in body if not in mind at the moment.

Went to sleep really early last night and felt a lot better for it.
But still had a headache and dodgy stomach today.
Probably a mixture of not getting enough water, sleep, exercise, (add your own here).

Awful day at work. No definitive reason, just a combination of little things really.
Then got home and felt like shit again.

Half watched the Argentina - Germany match when I got in. Bloody hell, how dull. I kept nodding off lying on the sofa watching it. Woke up for the penalties and watched the bizarre fight going on afterwards.

Then started to watch the Italy - Ukraine match. Wasn't really expecting much, and knew as soon as the Italians scored early that the thing was all over.
So that's two quarter finals, two crap games.

The tension has already started here. Nerves are, as usual, started to kick in.
But, everything is in place. We really are going to do it, we're going to beat Portugal.
France will beat Brazil tomorrow night and we'll beat France in the Semi-final to meet Germany in the final.
Which of course, we're going to win.

And then it will be dancing in the street time.

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