Monday, June 05, 2006

Dark Iron Man?

This one's just for my friend Mark.

"Marvel might be making Iron Man a villain. Has a major hero ever changed and kept his own series?

Tony Stark is working with SHIELD on the Superhero Registration Act.

He got Spider-Man on his side, for no other reason than to use him and have a powerful bodyguard who doesn't rely on technology.

He hired a villain to attack the Senate while they were debating the SRA to push them to come to a decision.

He has been upgraded to an almost inhuman level and is as much machine inside as outside.

On Marvel's website, they have an entry for Nitro. It mentions that when Nitro fought Iron Man, Tony discovered a frequency that would cause Nitro to explode, Tony activates that frequency and causes Nitro to continually explode until he is too tired to keep fighting.
Tony Stark could have used his new powers to ignite Nitro from a distance. He could have even upgraded these villains the same way he upgraded Spider-Man."

Lying In The Gutters.

Oh, Mark's not going to be happy about this one if it's true!

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