Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Doctors and my bloody elbow.

Went to the doctors tonight to see about my elbow.

I've been getting intense pain in my right elbow particularly.
It was diagnosed about a year and a half ago as Golfer's elbow.
At which point I shall answer the two questions I always get asked at this point:
1. No, I don't play.
2. Tennis elbow is the outside tendon, Golfer's elbow is the inside tendon of the elbow.

I've spent far too long rubbing very strong creams into my arm and wearing elbow strapping and wanted to know what, If anything, the doctor could do.
Of course, as soon as I asked him what was the matter with my elbow and what I could do about it long-term he developed that great look doctors have. The one that simply says "your elbow's fucked and nothing we do will make it better for any length of time".

So I now have to phone the hospital for an appointment to see a specialist who will look at me with the "you know this is pointless" look as he sticks an unreasonably large needle into my elbow.

To paraphrase the Stones; it's a bastard getting old.

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