Thursday, June 01, 2006

The spare part parent

Molly and I are on half term this week.

So far, we've had lots of fun, but I feel a little bit like a fraud to be honest.

Monday: bank holiday so the three of us were in.
Tuesday: she goes off with Ellen for a day at the Black Country Museum and then sleeps over.
Wednesday she gets picked up by Grandma & Grandpa at midday and they head off to the Botanical Gardens until 5.
Today: we have her school-friend Olivia over. The two of them are upstairs busily getting every toy Molly owns out and playing with them.
I have realised that, in the life of two 6 year olds, my role is just to check they're both playing nicely every half hour and whether they want any more drinks.
Which is why I'm sat here, downstairs, at the computer listening to the radio and trying to catch up with e-mails and other stuff I've not kept up with.
(What I shouldn't be doing is sitting here typing entries for this weblog. Oooops.)

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