Monday, June 26, 2006

God vs Winnie The Pooh, my ideas on the Catholic Church.....

Just to follow up the last post about Molly singing at the Confirmation mass at St Chad's Cathedral, a little bit about Religion.

Louise - Catholic
Molly - Catholic
Me - Atheist or Agnostic.* **

I'm all for people having a faith. I think it's a marvelous thing. It gives strength, solace and support. Personally I'd rather have faith in myself, but if you need to project that faith onto an imaginary friend so be it.
Whether this imaginary friend is a 6ft white rabbit (a la Harvey) or some kind of God is up to you.

But organised Religion is simply evil to my eyes. A source of terrible misery around the world.

Now, my original idea with Molly was that Lou could have the meat eating thing if I could have the religion thing.
So Molly was going to be a meat eating, non religious child. That went out of the window when Louise pointed out how bad the local primary schools were and how good St Chad's RC Primary down the road was. And all we needed to do is have her Christened.

So, of course, I lost on both counts and she's a meat eating Cathlolic and Daddy has to do weird stuff like go to Christenings, Catholic Masses (but only when Molly is doing something) & learn about Holy Communion and Confirmation.

I've promised to play along with the story until she starts asking difficult questions and then I'm just telling the truth. Can't wait for that. In the meantime I'm consoling myself by convincing myself that most children are somewhat religious and like to believe in something all powerful and controlling as a reassurance that something bigger is in control. & it's also obvious to me that the lie I'm telling her about God is just another story, just like Winnie The Pooh, The Tooth Fairy & Santa Claus.

*Unless you're the nun who interviewed us before we had Molly christened to get her into St Chad's school, in which case I'm CofE and always have been.
I sat there and straight faced lied to a nun. I'm going to a hell that I don't even believe in.
**The Atheist or Agnostic thing has always troubled me. I don't believe, never have. But my scientific background means I really should be an Agnostic as I don't have proof either way.

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