Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup 2006 England 1 : Ecuador 0

A touch late perhaps, but here's my bit on the last England game......

Another 2 hours in torment over England. I heard it descried on the Chris Moyles show on Monday morning as "they struggled triumphantely" and though that pretty much covered it.

Anyway, I thought we did really well in the end.
Okay Terry and Lampard seem completely out of sorts and Robinson looks more and more like David James at his worst.
But both Coles were fantastic, Owen Hargreaves looked great at right back and Rooney was looking better and better in the lone striker role.
For the first time in a long time I watched the first half with confidence that we'd score. And I wasn't disappointed. David Beckham picks a great time to score one of the sweetest free kicks and we were in ecstasy here at Bruton mansions.

Then the fear kicked in. With 30 minutes to go would they just do the normal England thing and sit deeper and deeper back trying to cling on?
But they didn't sit back, they pushed up and played really good football. And it was brilliant to see, like they'd suddenly realised what we'd been screaming at the tv for years.
So I was really happy with the result and can't wait to get at Portugal. We can really win this, getting better and better each match. And only 3 matches to go now.

After the fun of the England game it was lovely to sit down and actually enjoy the farce that was the Portugal v Holland match.
The commentators kept going on about how poor it was, how disgraceful it was and how bad a viewing spectacle it was. But they got it wrong.
I'm sure you were sitting at home like we were relishing every card and wishing they would end the match with two a side for a laugh. The extra bonus was that every card brought a potential opponent either suspended or worrying about having a yellow to their name. Wonderful stuff.

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