Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Molly 1, Curtain rail 0. DIY and our walls.......

This morning my wonderful daughter decided to play dress up with the curtain.
Very cute, she spins round and wraps herself in the curtain

Very cute that is until the curtain rail bracket snaps.
Luckily it didn't come down, just hung limply from the wall.

Now, to most people this would not be a major issue.
But most people do not have:

1. My aversion to all things DIY
2. The worst walls in the world.

When we moved into the house we soon discovered that wee have possibly the worst walls in the world. Nothing structurally unsound, but certainly a little dodgy with the plaster. Of course, being an old house we expected something like this & have adapted nicely.

It took an industrial strength drill to put up the curtain rails and that managed to dislodge a hefty chunk of plaster.
The blind in my office is actually held into the wall by screws embedded in a mixture of no more nails and polyfilla.
Most of our walls that have things drilled into them also have a surprising amount of polyfilla as well.
Putting up a picture is risky, you never know whether a nail will just go in or bring a square foot of wall away.
Putting up a shelf is something we hire someone in to do. No, really.

So because the fixings for the bracket are still sound in the wall, we've rigged up a replacement bracket rather than get new brackets and have to re-drill. Major calamity averted.

(Molly, is very, very, very sorry for the trouble she has caused obviously.)

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