Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup 2006: Second Round

Well, I was pretty much wrong all round with the predictions then!

My heart is now saying an England - Argentina final, but that means we have to beat Brazil in the semis, and they looked pretty good last night, even with a fat Ronaldo.

The one other team I really would like to see doing well is Australia. And I think they have a good chance of pulling off an upset and beating Italy.

So, at the risk of being completely wrong, it's prediction time again......

Argentina v Mexico - Argentina win 3-0
Germany v Sweden - Germany win 2-1
England v Ecuador - England win 2-1
Portugal v Holland - Penalties, Holland win.
Italy v Australia - Australia win 2-1
Switzerland v Ukraine - Switzerland 1-0
Brazil v Ghana - Brazil 4-0
Spain v France - Penalties, Spain win.

So, bound to be completely wrong then.

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