Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mutts - Patrick McDonnell

There’s an unwritten rule with comic strips. At any point in time, there will always be one strip that outshines all others, filling it’s readers with joy and simple wonder.
(Of course, the other rule is that Peanuts by Charles Schultz is the exception to this rule. It's simply timeless.).

Looking back over 20 years we have Doonesbury, Bloom County & Calvin & Hobbes.
I once knew someone who would see a new Calvin & Hobbes collection & would immediately cancel all plans for Sunday. To him, there was no greater pleasure in life than sitting down on a Sunday morning and losing himself in a wonderful, simple & beautiful world of a little boy and his stuffed tiger.
Sadly Calvin & Hobbes is no more but any great comic strip will provide the same feeling & Mutts is the really great comic strip of our time.

It's a simple strip about Earl & Mooch, a dog & a cat. Nothing complex, nothing difficult, just a beautiful, emotive, involving & thoroughly entertaining bit of whimsy.

It’s an excellent read & by the end of each book your life will feel that little bit better, there will be a nice warm glow in your soul & your smile will be a little broader.
Not a bad result for a humble comic strip.

Patrick McDonnell's website here.

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