Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No I-pod for this month either. Bloody car......

Every month I promise myself that if I haven't spent much on the credit cards I'll treat myself and get myself the nice 30Gb I-pod I've been promising myself for months now.

And every month something happens to bugger the idea up.
Something happened but I can't remember what, anyway, no new I-pod that month.
Faithful Palm handheld dies. Must have handheld & keyboard & dock & case. £300.
Camera breaks, need new camera. £200.

So this was going to be the month.
Until I took the car in to be looked at today.
It appears the bearings in the front left wheel have gone.
Now what I know about cars, you could fit on a very small stamp, so I have no idea how much this will cost. But I'm willing to bet it's written off the I-pod for this month.

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