Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh what a week.......

Well, it's been a long, strange, bloody miserable week really.
Despite the fun of the World Cup and wall to wall football, it's been a really horrible week for many different reasons.
Mostly it's just been me in a real down mood with a load of things to do which meant I spent the week being miserable and stressed.
Didn't enjoy school at all, even though it's summer term and the work consists mostly of sorting and organising for the next year, something I usually enjoy (in my ocd-like way). The kids were just feral monsters again and really, really annoying.

In fact there's a very long post sitting on the computer in draft form done after one day of particularly horrible kids that just rants on and on and on about the idea of our feral children and what we can do. Maybe I'll post it later this week, depending on the mood.

On top of all that I had too much to try and get done at home, pressure on myself to relax and enjoy the football meant that I was trying to fit all the other stuff in around it and basically getting nowhere. But it's over now and I've got most of what I wanted to do finished. Fingers crossed for a quieter week this week.

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