Saturday, June 24, 2006

Propaganda - Grant Morrison Special

One thing I do regularly at Nostalgia & Comics is a recommended section called Propaganda. It's been going for years now and has highlighted all that is good and vibrant and exciting about this medium. In fact a lot of the comic reviews on the weblog and adapted reviews from Propaganda pieces.

This month, to highlight the incredible work Grant Morrison is doing on Superman and the incredible work we expect to see on Batman very soon, we though it would be nice to have a Grant Morrison special.

Now, as you may already know, I love Grant Morrison. I think he's one of the greatest writers we have in comics and have almost no objectivity when it comes to discussing his work.
My all time favourite comic is St. Swithin's Day, the touching, semi-autobiographical piece he did with Paul Grist. And one of my all time favourite books is the Invisibles. Every so often, I'll re-read the Invisibles. And it never fails to reward me with more and more enjoyment and greater understanding.

Anyway, enough praise, here's some of the text from this months Propaganda:

Currently writing the best Superman book I've ever read with All-Star Superman & about to take over Batman, it appears Grant Morrison is yet again, the hottest thing in comics.
He's promising a return to the sort of clever, fun and frankly sexy Batman stories that we last saw with Neal Adams in the 70s. And it looks like he's having the time of his life and everyone is really looking forward to seeing the book.
Entertainment Weekly described him as a "Comic Book Savant", but in my opinion, Grant Morrison is simply one of the most talented comic writers alive. I believe he's the only writer today who really pushes his readers to achieve greatness through his books.
He has two distinct styles, both brilliant, both worthy.
There's the pop-culture loving, nostalgic, punk-infected kid writing super-fast superhero books. Because Morrison has never lost his love of super-comics & he isn't embarrassed by, as he puts it; "the sheer, ludicrous, garish wonder of them".
Or there's Morrison the visichannelingnelling his life, his experiences & his dreams into his work.
Everything he writes is worth reading, whether it's the superhero fare of X-Men, Marvel Boy et al or his edgier books like Animal Man, Doom Patrol or Arkham. His new series; The Filth, is a spectacular assault on all of your senses. But it's The Invisibles that's the shining light, a defining moment in comics history that should be hailed as a classic. There's nothing like it & I doubt anyone will ever have the skill to better it.
A final special mention goes to one comic; St Swithin's Day by Grant & Paul Grist. More than anything else, this comic helped to define my tastes as a teenager, it has a special place in my memory.
He is sheer genius. Read.

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