Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup 2006 Argentina 2 Mexico 1

Poor, poor Mexico.
They did very well and if it proves anything, it proves the Argentinians aren't completely invincible.
More really dodgy refereeing though. Argentina should have had 10 men, but then again they did get a perfectly good goal rubbed out for an offside that just plain wasn't.

So, after this match and the earlier Germany match, my predictions have been 100% right on winners and 100% wrong on score.
But tomorrow I don't care about being right on the score, just as long as the result is the right one. The tension's building here at Bruton mansions, the nerves are already jangling and that's just following the Match of the Day trail for the England game.

Tomorrow will be very strange for another reason; Molly's school, being Catholic, has Year 6 confirmations tomorrow at St Chad's Cathederal. Molly, as one of the choir is expected to sing in the Cathedral. But bless the Priest, he's brought the whole thing forward an hour so it finishes at 3! Who said the Catholic Church had no idea of priorities? _,

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