Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Louise's cat Timmy is 19.
Being 19, he's pretty old for a cat. Recently we took him to the vet for claw clipping and she suggested his kidneys were on the way out, meaning he's got somewhere between 1 day and a couple of years to go.

He's in no pain so we've decided just to leave it and keep monitoring the situation. Obviously if he starts to suffer we'll take him for one last visit to the vet.

Of course, Louise has had Timmy for 19 years and Molly has grown up not knowing anything but having Timmy around. This means it's going to be me who has to do sort everything out. I also know that if he does pop off suddenly it's bound to be me who either sees it happen or finds him.
That will be fun.
No doubt we'll end up doing the whole burying a shoebox thing and having a solemn ceremony in the garden and flowers on the grave for days. This will, after all be the first proper death experience Molly has been old enough to realise what is going on.

Of course the other side to this is that every time the poor cat has a mild snuffle both Louise and I are getting ready to ship him off to the vet.

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