Monday, June 19, 2006

Well, that good mood didn't last too long did it?

After the really lovely weekend I always think it's good to come back down to Earth with a huge bump.

School / work today was horrible. No fun at all.
I've worked at one school desperately thrashing around to find new and inventive ways to utilise it's staff before, I've no particular desire to go through it again but it seems like we're on our way.
Why do schools and public sector organisations in general never seem content to actually deliver the service they're designed to deliver?
Some twat of a middle manager always comes along and tells the nurses they could be so much more productive and efficient if they stopped all this long winded end user one-on-one verbal communication interaction (or talking to the scared patients).
Is it so difficult to see a school where teachers teach classes and technicians do the background stuff? Is that so difficult to get right? Obviously it is.

So I came out of a day's work feeling so bloody fed up and pissed off.
But what to do now?
First step is to rejoin Unison. If I am going to have to say no a lot in the next few months it's always useful to have a little back-up.
Next is to look at alternatives. Anyone know a job I could do? Money not everything, but hours and holidays need to be flexible, short and long respectively!
In the mean time, 4 weeks, 4 days until summer holiday starts.

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