Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogger down, but then again so was I.....

Blogger was down for maintenance again tonight, but that didn't exactly matter to me because I was fast asleep on Molly's bedroom floor after putting her to bed tonight.

It's the one holdover from babyhood she hasn't shaken off yet, the need for us to be in the room when she goes to sleep. In truth, it's not something we're that concerned about, she'll drop that soon and practically every link to our baby will have been replaced by the little girl we see now.
Louise fell asleep in the lounge and only woke up at half 11 and came in to wake me up before going to bed.

Consequently it's only now, an hour and a half after waking up that I actually feel awake enough to function. But now it's 1am and I should really be thinking about going to bed instead of writing this and the Powers post from before.
Like any normal person would.

It's now only 8 working days to go until the school holidays and my body is telling me it really needs the break.
It's also telling me to exercise more, drink more water, have less stress and get more fresh air.
Bloody nag.

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