Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Powers - Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming

Powers is immediately accessible, fast, fun & very hip. It sits on the edge of superhero comics, sticks two fingers up & wanders off to play in the real mainstream of cop shows.

Essentially, Powers is a very simple concept:
NYPD Blue with Superman
Hill Street Blues with the Fantastic Four.

This is what happens when the police and the capes mix. Often the only whiff of superhero is the corpse in the body bag or a hint of scandal. The real story here is to do with the police & how ordinary people react to extra-ordinary circumstances. Both art & writing are highly cinematic for this series, making a brilliant read into a very easy read.

Hugely enjoyable, highly recommended.
It's now onto volume 9 of the graphic novel collections with the very impressive Psychotic where an increasingly unpredictable Deena Pilgrim, half of the police team featured in the series, is struggling to cope with an unwanted set of powers passed on from a super-villain.

Brian Michael Bendis has a very busy website / message boards here, go visit.

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