Saturday, July 15, 2006

Molly's Birthday Party #1, only 42 days early......

(Molly with her home-made sign to let parents
know where to drop their children off)

Today was Molly's first seventh birthday party. First of three probably.
Because her actual birthday is at the end of August, she misses out on having all of her school friends at her party. So this year we relented and decided to let her have a party just for school friends.
we'll also end up having a party for relatives nearer her actual birthday and then for her non-school friends as well.

Now we're not completely stupid so there was no way we were going to let 17 small children loose in our house.
Instead we went to Birmingham's National Indoor Arena Community Hall. They set aside a five-a-side pitch, put a bouncy castle, ball pit, couple of goals, basketball hoop and some big toys in and let the kids loose.

Then the sweaty, hyper, excited kids get to have party food.
Which makes them more hyper.
By this time we're nursing the sort of headaches that used to be the result of mixing a lot of grape with an awful lot of grain.

But it's worth it.
Because my daughter had the best time.
She was totally the centre of attention. Everybody loved the birthday girl, even if the birthday girl wasn't having her real birthday for over a month. But if it's good enough for the queen, it's good enough for Molly.

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