Monday, July 24, 2006

My favourite Superhero

The latest issue of Word Magazine again........

They've also got a list of their 20 most pathetic & 20 best superheroes.

In the most pathetic, the highlights include:
Ant-Man - He was tiny, he could control ants. Not a lot of use unless you wanted to ruin the Red Skull's picnic.
Hawkman - Flaps around pointlessly with his shirt off, possibly waving a mace.
White Tiger - token Puerto Rican crimefighter. Wasn't very good.
Gambit - Throws playing cards.

& in their view, the best include:
Miracleman, The Tick, Zenith, Emma Frost, Daredevil,
Swamp Thing, Powerpuff Girls, Marshal Law
And they reckon the best has to be Batman.

I think they're wrong. Best Superhero ever..............................

but only when he was re-imagined by first Dave Thorpe and then, spectacularly, by the genius that is Alan Moore.
He's still my favourite purely because I think I read it at exactly the right time. Just as I was beginning to want slightly more from comics, along comes Alan Moore and upends everything I thought was the accepted status quo by destroying the main character in Marvel Superheroes 388. I can still remember the excitement of walking into a newsagents in 1983, aged 12 and seeing the cover of Daredevils # 1, knowing that somehow, Alan Moore was going to bring the hero back to life.
Captain Britain made me realise that superheroes had writers, and some of the writers were really good.
That's why he's my favourite.

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