Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tarquin...... Our new word

In the last few weeks we at Bruton mansions have adopted a new word:


Noun but used as Adjective.
Any pampered offspring of the class of parent commonly known as "Harbourne Mum".
Uncontrollable, spoilt, ignorant, obnoxious.

Normally found anywhere I decide to take Molly to.
Running around like a monkey on speed kicking things at random, including my daughter.
Also found in any restaurants we go to.
Usually running around my table screaming whilst Harbourne mom discusses the latest marble kitchen design with her friend.
Bad behaviour on the part of the "Tarquin" is either completely ignored or excused as acceptable behaviour because "that's just Tarquin's nature".
Normal parents consider Tarquin's "nature" to be worthy of a good hiding at least. Unfortunately Harbourne mom believes in letting Tarquin do whatever he feels like doing, because it's good for his development.
Normal parents feel like letting Tarquin run into their outstretched fork because that would be very good for his development and teach him a valuable lesson. Namely that his parents are complete fuckwits.

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